An infection of Cryptosporidium Parvum needs to be handled diligently – depending on local rules and regulations. It is very common to get symptoms from this parasite, such as watery diarrhea, but also stomach cramps and pains, vomiting, fever, weight loss, nausea and dehydration. It can be life threatening for people with a compromised immune system.

It is highly efficient in spreading disease, and only 10 germs can be enough to get an infection. A bowel movement can have between 10 million to 100 million cryptosporidium germs in it. Cryptosporidium usually takes 2-10 days to incubate and show symptoms.

Cryptosporidium can be spread by swimming pools – it is known to withstand chlorine for long periods. Another way is to touch your mouth with contaminated hands.

People who are most likely to become infected with Cryptosporidium include the following:

  • Children attending childcare centers, including diaper-aged children
  • Childcare workers
  • Parents of infected children
  • Older adults with a reduced immune system (ages 75 years and older)
  • People who take care of other people with Cryptosporidium infection
  • International travelers in general
  • Anyone drinking unfiltered, untreated water
  • Anyone drinking from untreated shallow, unprotected wells
  • Anyone swallowing water from contaminated sources
  • Anyone handling infected calves or other ruminants like sheep
  • Anyone exposed to human poop through sexual contact

Testing for Cryptosporidium is included in a few of our tests – and can be added to any other test when wanted.

These tests includes analysis for CRYPTOSPORIDIUM PARVUM

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