Q: What are the most common symptoms of a parasitic infection?

A: Many parasitic infections can be asymptomatic or show diffuse symptoms when your immune system is strong enough to handle the infection and will possibly only show symptoms when the immune system is burdened by, for example, several infectious diseases or when the immune system is impaired for another reason. Symptoms of a parasitic infection can therefore be difficult to define and they may come and go periodically in some cases however they can also appear suddenly. In case of symptoms of parasitic infection, it is common with; fatigue, malaise, low fever, difficulty settling down and/or poor sleep, skin irritations/itching and eczema-like rashes, joint pain, neck tension, IBS-like abdominal discomfort, painful stomach problems, gas, headaches, etc.


Q: How do the analyses via The Parasite Clinic differ compared to other alternatives?

A: Parasiteclinic.co.uk collaborates with several laboratories with highly experienced analysts, eg Dr. Alicia who is responsible for our microscopy tests and who has worked for over 30 years with parasite analyses. She sees each incoming sample as a personal challenge in finding what is causing the patient’s symptoms and uses extended lab methods to increase the optimization of the analysis and the conditions for finding a parasite in your sample. Each submitted sample is also given enough time to be able to carry out a very thorough microscopic analysis, we simply do not put time pressure on our analyzes – quality is our focus! 


Q: What makes your tests better than other parasite tests?

A: At Parasiteclinic.co.uk, we have a team of microbiologists with lifelong professional experience in parasitological analysis who work with the latest Real-Time PCR technology to be able to detect even the smallest amount of parasite DNA in your sample together with an highly accurate microscopic analysis, in addition to that, we can also offer you antibody tests. In this way, a parasitic infection can be determined both visually under a microscope as well as through PCR-detected genetic material in your sample and last but not least by mapping your immune system’s reactions to the infection. 

Due to the fact that we carry out a greater number of analyses we can also keep the prices down and satisfy you with an affordable and reliable test result where you yourself can choose which samples you want to take and which analysis methods you want to use. 


Q: Can I pay in installments?

A: We offer payment with Visa, Master Card, Amex and installment plans provided by Klarna. Your payment options are individually adapted (by Klarna) and are visible when you proceed to pay for your purchase. Please contact us if you have any problems with your payment. 


Q: How are the samples picked up?

A: Included in your parasite box (sent directly to you) you will find your personal shipping number and the phone number to DHL pick-up. Inform DHL of your shipping number, decide on a day and time interval that suits you for your pick up – DHL will pick up your samples directly from your doorstep at the selected day and time interval and we will take care of the rest! 


Q: How long does it take to receive the test results?

A: It usually takes about 7-14 business days to receive test results from our laboratory. 


Q: Is it okay to keep my samples in the fridge until they are sent later in the day?

A: Yes, it is ok to store both urine and fecal samples in the refrigerator until they are picked up. Please plan the sampling during the weekend so that you can book pick-up with DHL the following Monday. It is also ok to send off samples on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but we ask you not to send off your sample on a Thursday or Friday as the samples will be in transit during the weekend and the quality of the samples will decrease. 


Q: What happens if I get a positive test result?

A: If your test result is positive for a parasitic infection you have the option of booking a digital consultation with a physician directly through our website. The patient is responsible for the cost of the consultation with the physician and costs of any medicines prescribed.


Q: What happens after my treatment?

A: After you have undergone a treatment you will be offered a new follow-up test (for the parasites you previously tested positive for with us) at a greatly reduced price to give you the opportunity to be sure that you have gotten rid of your parasites!

Q: Do you have any other tests?

A: Today we offer individual tests as well as additional tests for inflammatory markers in the intestine and a test for leaky gut. The additional tests can be added on the submission form that you will find in your parasite box and that you need to fill out to submit your samples to the laboratory. Additional analyses are invoiced separately after the sample arrives at our laboratory.

If you would like a parasite test that is not included in our parasite boxes, please let us know and we will investigate whether there is an opportunity to help you with this! 


Q: How does a test work?

A: In order to find out which parasitic infections that may be in your intestines you need to collect a fecal sample. If you have ordered one of the larger parasite boxes, you may also need to collect a urine sample. Everything you need for sampling is included in your test kit in your parasite box where you will find; EasySampler’s collection kit, gloves, sampling vessels and instructions.

Please take a look at the video in the link below for additional instructions on how the sampling is carried out. If you feel unsure during sampling instructions are also available in your test-kit.


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