Our process

3 steps to get your gut checked

Order your test & Collect your samples

Get your test-kit delivered to you, collect your samples and follow the instructions carefully, order a pick-up of your samples via DHL for direct delivery to one of our laboratories.

Along with your test kit comes a pre-printed waybill as well as information on how to contact DHL to book a pick-up. (The shipping cost is included in the purchase of your Parasite box).

Result & Consultation

Your test result will be ready within 10-14 workdays after your samples have been sent in to one of our laboratories. We will then send you a email with further information on how to log in and access your test results.

At the same time you will be able to request a call-up from one of our colleagues to go through your test results and should you have a positive test result you have the opportunity to book a doctor’s appointment through our website for treatment of your parasitic infection.

Treatment plan & Follow-up

If you previously had a consultation with a physician through our website and have undergone a treatment plan for a parasitic infection established by us, we offer you a follow-up test at a greatly reduced price after the end of your parasitic treatment.

This follow-up testing is to ensure that you have got rid of your parasites!

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