Add-on Test for Western Blot Antibodies for Lyme + Extra Analysis

With this test you will be able to get a detailed view into your health with regards to Lyme antibodies as well as together with DualDur this test will give you insight in what type of Lyme is the most prevalent in your samples.


270 £


Together with our partners we are offering the highest quality Lyme and coinfections test in Manchester, UK, as well as in London (starting May/June 2023),  Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Ibiza (Spain) and Nosara (Costa Rica).

This add-on test for antibodies is the most specific and sensitive test we know of in the world today for Lyme antibodies – this modified Western Blot test with 50% higher sensitivity than other Western Blot tests – and this will also give us an insight in which type of Lyme you have the most of (Burgdorferi, Afzelii, Spielmanii etc).

A consultation to walk you through your results is included in the price and we have collaborations with both medical doctors as well as holistic professionals for alternative treatment options.

If you want to take this test separately from your Lyme DualDur test, we can arrange this for an additional fee of GBP 50.

This Payment includes for extra analysis of slides given to our laboratory (150 GBP). The cost of Antibody testing in GBP 120.



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