Tick borne infections; Lyme-disease & Co-infections + IgM+IgG- Homekit

Home testkit – phlebotomist services needed and not included.

This highly accurate and thorough microscopic method in the identification of tick-borne infections utilizes AI with a patented EU-funded laboratory method; DualDur – Dark-Field Microscopy, providing you with a highly accurate test-result.


600 £




This kit does not include sampling. A phlebotomist is needed to handle the blood draw.


A consultation to go through the results are included in this service. A Drs consultation will cost extra when wanted.

The analysis

Our collaborating laboratory is world leading in the identification of tick-borne infections and provides a highly accurate and patented laboratory method; DualDur – Dark Field Microscopy, that also includes utilization of AI in the analysis and identification of Lyme-disease and Co-infections. The laboratory microscopic analysis can directly identify both the presence of the structure of the Borrelia bacteria (Spirochetes) as well as quantitatively determine the extent of the Lyme-disease (Borrelia infection). The microscopic laboratory analysis forms the basis of our testing for tick-borne infections and can be supplemented and further expanded with a blood test for the identification of occurring Borrelia antibodies (Western Blot). This enables us to provide the highest quality testing for tick-borne infections that not solely relies on the presence and identification of Borrelia antibodies. In addition to your test-result you will be provided with documentation from the Dark-Field Microscopy analysis performed on your samples with the identified occurring infections.

To increase the sensitivity of the microscopic analysis and to ensure the highest possible accuracy and reliability of the test-result an initial incubation of the blood sample takes place (to provide present bacteria optimal conditions to survive) followed by a concentration of the blood-sample. The DualDur Microscopic analysis for Borrelia infection has the following reliability: 93% Sensitivity and 89% Specificity

Borrelia antibodies – 15 IgG and 15 IgM with Bozsik Western Blot testing.

The Western-blot analysis identifies any species-specific produced antibodies (Borrelia) that your immune system has encountered.

This Western Blot is the most Sensitive Western Blot test in the market that we know of, and is a great addition for any practitioner to chose the best approach for you.

Medical appointment

In the event of a positive test result, you have the possibility to book a digital medical appointment through us with our collaborating physicians for the treatment of established tick-born infections and parasitic infections infections.

Book your test and appointment with us

To book your appointment and test for tick-borne infections; Borrelia & Co-infections, please proceed to our booking link at the top of this page. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information at; hello@parasiteclinic.co.uk or give us a call on:+44 20 808 962 42 during our phone hours: (Weekdays) 9-10 AM and 1-2 PM.

Payment of the blood draw is done locally to the clinic and with our partner clinics, they charge GBP 60 – this is not included in the price of the analysis. You can indeed find your own phlebotomist to handle the sampling that way.


Should you be prevented or for any other reason not be able to do this test, you can ask for a partial refund. A fee of GBP 150 will be handled in order to pay for arrangements made and the sample materials – these can not be used by any other person.

Tick borne infections; Lyme-disease & Co-infections + IgM+IgG- Homekit


600 £

Tick borne infections; Lyme-disease & Co-infections + IgM+IgG- Homekit


600 £

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