Hydatid (cystic) Tapeworm

Echinococcus granulosus (also called the hydatid or cystic tapeworm) is a small tapeworm between 3-6 mm that infects the human small intestine. It is found world-wide and more frequently infection has occurred in the middle east and in areas of the world where dogs move freely or where the quality of water sanitation is poor. It is mainly transmitted through contaminated food or water containing worm eggs as well as found in the soil. 

This tapeworm has the ability to cause serious disease as the infection with dog tapeworm can spread throughout the human body and cause formation of cysts in organs and lungs – so called hydatid disease. 

Infection with dog tapeworm can be transmitted directly from dog to human – avoid infection by keeping a good hygiene and washing your hands after you have petted a dog especially during a trip abroad. If visiting countries outside the EU or US where water sanitation may be poor we recommend that you only drink purified water on a bottle (take note that the same applies to washing of kitchen utensils when outside EU/US) as well as wash fruit and vegetables extra carefully when you are abroad.

Source: Swedish Health Care (write english name of FOHM    (FOHM)

These tests detects Hydatid (cystic) Tapeworm

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