Do you suffer from a stressed stomach or do you have an IBS diagnosis? Then you may have a parasitic infection. There are studies showing a connection with IBS symtoms and parasitic infections. Also, they do share some of the symptoms such as stomach issues, bloating, diarrhea (sporadic or acute), constipation, flatulence, nausea and passing […]

Sleeping problems

If you have occasional gut issues, diarrhea, bloating, gas or abdominal pain, it could be parasites. With our test, we will look for the most common infections and will also help you eradicate your infection with our highly skilled Medical Doctors. Parasites are great in causing gut dysbiosis and can have an effect on your […]

Weight changes

Parasites can have an impact on our weight by causing an imbalance in our system. They steal nutrients and want us to eat their preferred foods. For some, a loss of appetite will occur – and for others, an increase in appetite will occur. With regards to increase in appetite, if the parasites take important […]


Parasites will affect your immune system and your gut function, as well as taking nutrients from your body. This can cause tiredness and lack of energy. In general, any parasite infection can cause this, since the Parasites by definition lives from your nutrients or blood. Since your body is working to rid you of the […]


Allergies are a common challenge for people with parasites. Your gut can be out of sync causing an imbalance and allergies. Parasites are unwanted pathogens and often cause allergic reactions as well as other reactions that are very similar to allergy symptoms. Because of certain parasites ability to induce IgE production and mast cell degranulation […]

Intestinal problems

Även om det inte är regel att parasiter ger symtom så är det vanligt du får magproblem av dem, såsom diarré, buksmärtor eller uppblåst mage. Buksmärtorna som framkallas av springmask kan efterlikna smärta från blindtarmsinflammation. Piskmask kan orsaka avföring som innehåller blandning av vatten, slem och blod. Vissa parasiter kan orsaka antingen diarré eller förstoppning […]

Skin problems

Skin Issues are very common signs something is not right in your body. Unless you know where your issues stems from and have ruled out Parasites, they can be a lingering cause affecting your largest organ, your skin. There are many things affecting your skin, such as your food, stress and other factors, but the […]

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