Stomach and intestinal problems

More often parasitic infections cause diffuse symptoms that are difficult to detect. If you experience temporary or chronic intestinal problems such as IBS, bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, gas or constipation – parasites and fungal infection (Candida and mold) may be possible causes.

Some find that the abdominal pain caused by tapeworms can mimic the pain of appendicitis and in some cases, whipworm infection can cause stools that contain a mixture of water, mucus and blood. Below we have compiled the most common occurring intestinal problems for the respective parasites to provide a simpler overview. Please note that this does not mean that all of these symptoms are present in each case – a parasitic infection often manifests itself somewhat differently in each individual.


Disturbed sleep

Weight changes

Lack of energy


Stomach and intestinal problems

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